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The Forum for Youth Investment is dedicated to meeting leaders where they are. Experts are available to present or facilitate at meetings or conferences, to help your leaders bring precision to their passion to improve the odds for children and youth.


Are leaders in your community or state ready to talk about fundamentally changing the way you do business for young people? Then the Forum for Youth Investment stand ready to facilitate leadership meetings that take a Big Picture Approach to assessing your needs and creating long-lasting changing. Our staff taps their years of experience in youth development, education and community change to help guide stakeholders through a series of steps to bring them out of their silos and work together to achieve collective impact.

We will help your group:

  • Learn the steps required to implement change (How does a community bring precision to their passion?)
  • See standards for each step (In each phase of the process, what does "excellent" or "good enough" look like?)
  • Discover the benefits of building new capabilities (What happens when partnerships are operating effectively and efficiently?)
  • Find out what is required for successful implementation of change efforts (What kind of training, time, technology, and funding is needed?)

Keynotes/Workshop Presentations

Our team of experts, highlighted by Forum CEO and co-founder Karen Pittman, is available to join your upcoming convening and present on a variety of topics, including:

  • Creating and Sustaining Effective Collaborative Bodies
  • Defining Youth Readiness
  • Core Principles of Positive Youth Development
  • Effectively Engaging Youth in Community Change Efforts
  • Social and Emotional Learning
  • Policy Coordination and Alignment
  • Taking a Big Picture Approach to Improve Youth Outcomes

Specific Tools and Resources

  • Conducting a Fiscal Map
  • Measuring and Improving Youth Program Quality
  • The Enhanced Gallup Student Poll

Age, Population or Sector Focus

  • Engaging the full range of stakeholders, or specific sectors such as business, education and nonprofits
  • Boys and Young Men of Color
  • Opportunity Youth
  • Effective Alignment of Schools and Afterschool Programs

This is just a sample of the expertise available to you. To further explore facilitations and speaking engagements, contact Ian Faigley at 202-207-3334 or