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Build an overarching leadership council


Stakeholders Wheel Facilitator's Packet

This Facilitator's Packet starts out with the Activity Guide, which will help in leading this exercise in a collaborative meeting. The Activity Guide is followed by the stakeholder wheel, which can be used by participants during the exercise. FInally, the packet contains a few examples of how the wheel has been used in communities. This resource is aimed at helping assess who a community is currently working with and where it can conduct outreach to improve the partnership.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014
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This packet of materials is designed for a collaborative meeting ice breaker, town hall exercise or small group activity. The goal is to learn more about the range of stakeholders of a collaborative effort.

Overarching Leadership Body Structural Assessment Chart

Six components have been shown to influence the success of a children's cabinet or council: scope, authority, home, scale, resources and local connections. Although no combination is deemed 'correct,' it is important to consider the best choice for each component when developing or restructuring a cabinet or council.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012
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This chart helps assess an overarching youth issues leadership body, such as a children's cabinet, based on six components of success: scope, authority, home, scale, resources and local connections. Taken from the State Children's Cabinet and Councils Series Elements of Success: Structural Options.
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State Children's Cabinets and Councils Series - Elements of Success: Structural Options

Children's cabinets and councils have the potential to systematically coordinate the fragmented funding and services that often occur at the state level. Children's cabinets are typically made up of heads of government agencies with child and youth serving programs, who meet on a regular basis with the collective goal of coordinating services, developing a common set of outcomes and collaboratively deciding upon and implementing plans to foster the well-being of young people.

Friday, August 1, 2008
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Part of the State Children's Cabinets and Councils Series, this issue brief reviews the range of existing state children's cabinet and council structures and offers tips for getting the most effective structure in place.
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Dimensions of a Leadership Council

This chart outlines the questions that need to be asked when forming an overarching leadership council or when selecting an existing entity to serve in the function. The dimensions that need to be considered are goals, alignment, geography, staffing, connections and structures, functions and roles, authority/mandate and accountability.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013
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This chart outlines the important factors to consider when creating an overarching leadership body for youth issues. This chart can be used to assess a current leadership council or can help communities form a new one.

Community Systems Group

CSG does this by providing comprehensive evaluation services for your organization; by providing sophisticated consultation on strategic and action planning, logic model development, evaluation planning, organizational effectiveness, and organizational sustainability; and by providing unparalleled access to technology that allows leaders to work together more productively and efficiently.

Children's Cabinet Network

Governors across the country are creating, cross-agency coordinating bodies, called Children's Cabinets, to help meet this growing demand.  Children's Cabinets are systematically changing the fragmented ways states typically do business for children and youth by using a data-driven, results-oriented approach.