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Every leadership group, from a volunteer network serving 100 families to a Governor’s Children’s Cabinet making policies that impact 3 million kids, should focus on four capacity areas. We call these the four Building Blocks for Effective Change: Broader Partnerships, Bigger Goals, Better Data, and Bolder Actions.

Within the four Building Blocks for Effective Change, the Forum has identified 14 standards that leaders consistently cite as important to improve youth outcomes. A list of the standards is available here.

To help you learn more and ways that you can apply Ready by 21 Strategies to your work, the Ready by 21 Partnership offers a Toolkit for each Building Block and each standard.  

Each Toolkit includes the following:

  • Overview of the Building Block and its related standards
  • Resources, including do-it-yourself tools and worksheets, publications and community examples

To access the toolkits for each Building Block, click on the links below:

Broader Partnerships
Effective partnerships are built on clear agreements about the scope of work to be done, the capacity needed to do the work and the mandate or authority in place to ensure that the work is done thoroughly and well.

Bigger Goals
Communities and states should establish a balanced set of goals and indicators for all children, youth and young adults, and define the essential supports that families, schools and the full community must provide across all the systems and settings where young people spend their time.

Better Data
Communities and states should collect complete data about youth outcomes, community supports and leadership actions to inform their collective efforts and demonstrate the link to improved outcomes.   

Bolder Actions
Focusing on stronger partnerships, clearer goals and more useful data is only beneficial if it leads to more effective action.

We hope you find that these resources help you go farther faster. For more information contact us at