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Bolder Actions Toolkit

August 31, 2011

Bold: Mirriam-Webster defines it as “showing an ability to take risks; confident and courageous.” By following the Ready by 21 Building Blocks, you’ve seen the importance of being bigger, broader, better. That isn’t just for alliterative effect; it’s to challenge you to go one step further.


Now – after building broader partnerships, setting bigger goals and using better data – leaders get to take bolder action.

The Forum for Youth Investment has developed four standards to guide you to:

  • Improve systems and settings by increasing their quality, coordination and reach.
  • Align policies and resources to be more consistent, effective and aligned to maximize return on investments.
  • Increase demand for improving effectiveness, scale and sustainability, and for reducing gaps in services.
  • Engage youth, families and community members in solutions – building their capacity in the full range of action strategies.

To learn more about bolder actions, check out these resources:

Implementing Bolder Strategies 101 Webinar Recording:
This webinar offers an introduction to the Bolder Actions standards and offers several examples of carrying them out. Broadcast on Aug. 30, 2011, the session was led by Danielle Evennou and Emily Jensen, senior policy associates, and Kiley Bednar, program manager, at the Forum for Youth Investment.

Petaluma, CA: Improving Systems and Settings: Learn about how a town’s network of youth providers took action to improve both caring relationships and youth, family and community engagement.


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