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The Problem

The Problem

  • Are all young people in your community ready for college, work and life?
  • Are your neighborhoods offering enough high quality supports year-round?
  • Do leaders in your community work collectively and effectively towards big goals for children and youth?

We know the dismal statistics:

  • Nationally, 4 in 10 youth are not doing well.
  • Only 2 out of 5 youth are getting the supports they need.
  • Leaders aim to do well, but their efforts don’t always add up.
Ready by 21 can help.

Whether the goal is to change public policy, improve practices or engage parents and citizens, leaders often underestimate the challenge or are ill-equipped to take it on. Tackling ambitious goals without the right partners, insufficient capacity, incomplete data or inadequate tools is a recipe for failure that is repeated by caring and dedicated leaders across the country. 

So many failed efforts have led to complacency, fragmentation and low expectations – for our young people, for our communities, and for our leaders. There is a better way. Ready by 21 increases the capacity of leaders to achieve collective impact for children and youth by providing standards, proven tools and solutions, and ways to measure and track your success.